Addiction Recovery Counseling Las Vegas

What is Addiction?

The continual need to consume either a substance or commit an act, so if you find yourself or know someone who is showing signs, it can be helpful to speak to a therapist or mental health professional if any of the following symptoms are being shown:

  • Eating issues
  • Gambling
  • Substance and alcohol abuse
  • Sexual addiction
  • Excessive exercises
  • Excessive spending and shopping
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Any behavior which has become compulsive can become an addiction if the act has become uncontrollable, and affects a person’s ability to perform normal socially or in work and school.

To determine if a habit is becoming an addiction begins by evaluating any benefits which are associated with the activity and any beliefs or feelings which surround it.

It may be difficult to see the distinction between hobbies which one is passionate about and addiction, as an example, is running a long distance every day regardless of whether a good keep fit regime, or is it an addiction?

“Where do I start? Las Vegas was my weakness. I was living in a dream world. I live and work here and a high roller I’m not. Once the therapist at Marriage Counseling Las Vegas made me realize who I was, I stopped the gambling, and the drinking quickly halted after that.”

J Wayne (Las Vegas North)

Problematic Addiction Symptoms

  • Denial of the problem and concealing the behavior
  • Unable to stop this behavior
  • Mixed feelings of confusion, anxiety, shame, or happiness which surrounds the behavior
  • A lack of enjoyment in alternative activities
  • Fears of potential repercussions if discontinuing the activity

Do You Have an Addictive Personality?

Many people tend to say they have an addictive personality, which leads them to believe they can become addicted to things quite easily. This addictive personality which they feel they have may not be a real psychiatric diagnosis.

Research has been unable to discover a shared personality which is common between all those who have addictions, every person’s personality is comprised of numerous factors which can control this.

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Even though there may not be a single personality which is addictive, there are some factors which are shown to lead to addiction. Genetics can play a large part, with around 50% of a person’s genetic makeup, can lead them towards addiction.

Addiction Therapy

Some of the most common addictions are drug and alcohol abuse which have to be resolved before any therapy can have a positive effect. Once this person has become sober, and they work to regain emotional and physical health, the therapist can commence exploration into the root cause of the problems, and by them working together, they can set long term goals which could include accepting responsibility towards their actions and rebuilding potentially broken relationships, both of which can help release guilt.

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The main forms of therapy which help a person overcome their addictions can include:


  • Motivational Interviewing Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Person-Centered Therapy

All of these have been shown effectiveness in treatment within these areas, and as a supplementary treatment, group sessions, can and are encouraged to help with rehabilitation.

Some people who have been found to suffer from drug addiction can fear seeking help with a concern towards any legal implications, or is the addicted person happens to be a parent. Confidentiality and privacy with treatment from substance abuse is mandated by federal laws, state laws and professional guidelines in regards to ethics.

Any person undergoing therapy for addictions, is most likely to achieve the best results from their therapist if they are qualified and experienced in this field like Divorce counseling, and knowledgeable in the addiction which is being treated.