Conflict Resolution Therapy Las Vegas

What Is Conflict Resolution Therapy?

This approaches treatment, which aims to educate people in skills which will help them resolve conflict, it was initially introduced for helping couples, yet it is an effective technique in resolving any conflict in many different areas.

People may find conflict resolution therapy helpful in finding a solution in many everyday situations, aid in relieving any mental health problems and acquiring skills which they can use to divert future conflicts.

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What Does Conflict Resolution Therapy Do?

The ultimate aim of this type of therapy is leaving every party which is involved feeling like they have gained something, this will leave them feeling it is a “Win-Win” situation. Recognition for this form of therapy has been gained as effective treatments for a couple in a relationship and lawyers and mediators.

It has been shown, individuals are more able to communicate freely within the workplace compared to their personal relationships, so these skills are already present.

Once the parties concerned are able to truly listen to what the other is saying, they possess the ability in which they can resolve a conflict by working together.

“I had a co-worker who was always picking on me. I rolled over and accepted it all. After a few sessions with Marriage Counseling Las Vegas, I had learned how to stand up for myself. This conflict soon faded as I began to stop cowering inside myself.”

- J James (Las Vegas)

Conflict Resolution Therapy Techniques & Theory

The belief is, conflict causes many negative emotions which spark a person’s response systems if a conflict is not resolved the negative states of mind may develop to situations which will have long lasting serious consequences. By the redirection of this conflict using correct skills can help these persons come to address their challenges which will result in better well-being and finally resulting in a resolution.

  • Fight: one person attempts to dominate a situation or another person. This can lead to paranoia, anger issues, and borderline functioning.
  • Flight: a person tries to avoid or run from a situation. This may lead to anxiety issues and can include obsessive compulsive behavior.
  • Immobilization: a person can’t act or make any decisions. This can lead to anxiety, panic attacks or feelings of isolation.
  • Submit: This person gives in easily is becomes overly accommodating. This may lead to depression.

Some of the primary tools used for resolution and exploration are communication and imagery, and participants are educated with skills which can help them unite when confronted with a difficult situation.

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Can You Benefit from Conflict Resolution Therapy?

This therapy bases itself on that conflict is the root of any emotional stress, the conflict may happen in an external situation, interpersonally or internally, and can be the result of single or multiple concerns and recurring issues which lead towards the conflict with emotional stress.

It is a likelihood, if you partake in a therapy of this type, you are able to develop the necessary skills which can allow you to face future circumstances which could result in conflict regardless of where this conflict arises.

During treatment, the therapist notes what they deem as concerns, and these will be explored in a deeper way with the patient. The therapist can also highlight patterns of interaction, block any communications which are negative and help structure “dialoguing” skills.

After a course of treatment, many people can learn ways in which to avoid detours, communicate in a safer way and regulate their emotions.