Steven Herbert

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Therapist Bio

Struggling with communication and understanding in your relationship? You're not alone. Many couples find themselves facing a disconnect, repeating arguments, and an absence of resolution. If trust has been eroded due to an affair, the road ahead might seem even more challenging.

I specialize in working with couples to bridge these gaps and build lasting connections. In our sessions, we tackle the issues that commonly plague relationships, such as miscommunication, misunderstanding, and repetitive conflicts.

By identifying the negative patterns that fuel these challenges, we create tailored strategies to overcome them.

My approach goes beyond surface-level solutions. We explore the emotions and needs that drive your behaviors and interactions.

By delving into the core of your relationship dynamics, we uncover the keys to building stronger connections and fostering genuine understanding.

Imagine a future where arguments are replaced by productive conversations and where both partners feel truly heard and validated.

Through practice and guidance, you'll develop new ways of interacting that lead to increased intimacy and emotional closeness.